Pure arctic water in award winning design

Lofoten Arctic Water is available in still and sparkling.

We have chosen to use blue bottles for our fantastic STILL WATER and white bottles for our SPARKLING WATER.

Our STILL WATER is the cleanest and freshest water without any addition or distillation.

Lofoten Arctic Water SPARKLING WATER is carbonated to provide the perfect combination of gently sparkling bubbles and fresh mountain water.

Aluminium bottle

Lofoten Arctic Water’s award winning aluminum bottle is a practical and stylish aluminum bottle of 473 ml. When designing our new bottle we wanted to give the customer an alternative to plastic. Therefore, we chose to make an aluminum bottle with a screw cap.

Lofoten Arctic Water aluminium bottles

By giving our bottle a screw off and  on cap,  you can easily take the bottle with you, refill it and use it several times.

With our close connection to the sea and nature, we want to minimize emissions of microplastics into the sea. Aluminum has infinite life and maintains the same high quality every time it is recycled.

Aluminum cools faster, is convenient to carry on and recycles forever. Our aluminum bottles are designed by Strømme Throndsen Design and manufactured by Ball Corporation. The world’s leading manufacturer of aluminum cans and bottles.

Glass bottle

Our award-winning 888 ml glass bottle is a great bottle that fits perfectly on the dinner table, in the meeting room or in social gatherings with friends and family.

Lofoten Arctic Water - Glass bottle 888 ml

The bottle is produced in flint glass which is characterized as heavy and durable glass with high gloss and clarity. We wanted the bottle to reflect the nature in Lofoten where the mountain rises from the crystal clear sea into the blue sky. The glass bottle has a large opening and is easy to pour from. Our glass bottle is designed by Strømme Throndsen Design.