Recycles forever


Environment and sustainability are an important part of our philosophy at Lofoten Arctic Water. And we are constantly working to get better and help in the fight against pollution.

Lofoten Arctic water has a goal of reducing microplastics in the sea. And the way we want to contribute to this is to stop using plastic, and instead use materials that can be recycled several times. That is why we have chosen to produce our new bottles in aluminum.

Why Lofoten Arctic Water chose aluminum?

Aluminium has an infinite life, enabling true circularity. It keeps its quality every time and really can be recycled forever. In fact out of all the aluminum cans sold in Norway every year more than 95% of it is recycled which puts Norway as one of the best in the world. In Europe, for example, 95% of all aluminum is now recycled from cars, over 90% from buildings that are demolished and on average around 70% of all aluminum boxes. Worldwide, it is estimated that 75% of all aluminum that has ever been produced is still in use, and a large part of it has been recycled many times already.

When we started looking at manufactures for our aluminium bottle our choice was easy.  We partnered with Ball Corporation due to their expertise and technical know-how. They are pioneers in packaging, continually innovating to make the most sustainable beverage packaging possible.

We wanted to look at the possibilities to produce a bottle not only a can, and our choice was quite clear. Alumi-Tek® bottles from Ball don’t compromise either end of the packaging spectrum. In addition to being infinitely recyclable and re-sealable, our aluminium bottles are light-proof and air tight ensuring that the purity and high quality of Lofoten Arctic Water is maintained. Aluminium is quick to chill and stays cold for longer, providing the premium experience that our customers expect and enjoy.

There is no direct contact between the aluminium and our water inside due to the can liner. A can liner is a coating that is applied to the inside of all beverage cans during the manufacturing process. The primary purpose of a liner is to prevent interactions between the product and aluminium that could result in corrosion or sensory changes. When aluminium is recycled it is burned at 700 degrees celsius. The lining and all inks and finishes used in the aluminium bottle (and can) manufacturing process, do not affect the recyclability of the containers, and are simply converted into energy when the used beverage package is being recycled.


To contribute to a more circular economy, we have reviewed all our steps in the production.

Our boxes are manufactured by Smurfit Kappa. The boxes are 100% recyclable and are produced from a renewable resource. By following Smurfit Kappa’s Chain of Custody, we know that 100% of the paper produced and obtained for use in Smurfit Kappa’s packaging solutions has Chain of Custody certification from FSC®, PEFC ™ or SFI ™

To ensure that the boxes are not damaged during transport. We use plastic film to secure the pallets. To contribute to the environment for our use of this plastic, we are a member of Grønt Punkt Norway. Where we as a member take our statutory responsibility for the correct recycling of our packaging.

Our boxes will be recycled as cardboard, the plastic film as plastic and our bottles will be recycled as metal. The bottles also conform to the Nordics’ highly efficient deposit return schemes, including reverse vending machines, where consumers can ensure empties make it back into the system to be recycled. To reinforce the recyclability of the package, each aluminum bottles carries the ‘Metal Recycles Forever’ mark – which, in a recent YouGov survey, has been shown to be more easily understood and trusted by consumers than other
green messaging .