IFE 2023

In the north of Norway, between the 68th and 69th parallels is Lofoten Islands located.

Under the beautiful Aurora Borealis high up in the mountains the Lofoten Arctic Water source is located. From an open mountain lake, our award-winning water is renewed by glacial-melt, snow and rain. 

Made by nature

Lofoten Arctic Water is an award winning water from the north of Norway. Lofoten is located north of the Arctic Circle between the 68th and 69th parallels. The goal of the Lofoten Arctic Water team is to bring the experience of fresh, unpolluted water to the consumers worldwide. 

The Lofoten Arctic Water source is an open mountain lake located high up in the Lofoten mountains.The water is renewed by glacial melt and snow all year from the surrounding mountains, and the pure rain during summer. Located above the Arctic Circle, Lofoten has very low pollution and the water has pristine quality.

Lofoten Arctic Water has won Best Taste Still water eight times and Best taste Sparkling Water five times. Our water has a taste and mouthfeel of the prefect clear water in the nature of the Lofoten Islands, with a crisp and clean ending.  


The bottles

When designing our bottles, we wanted to reflect the beautiful nature in Lofoten. Our glass bottles stand tall, like the mountains with a characteristic cap, mimicking the steep mountains going straight down in to the sea. 

Our aluminium bottle was designed with functionality and sustainability in mind. With the screw cap, you can refill and use the bottle several times before recycling.

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Recycles forever

Environment and sustainability are an important part of our philosophy at Lofoten Arctic Water. One of the most pressing issues in our world today is plastic pollution. Our decision to use aluminium bottles was an easy one. The benefit of using aluminium bottles instead of plastic are many. 

73 % of all aluminium in the world is recycled, enabling a true circular economy. Aluminium is infinitely recyclable. Recycled aluminium uses 95% less energy than primary production. Aluminium bottles cools faster, and the quality of the water remains pristine due to light and air-tight bottles.