Lofoten Arctic Water proudly presents our NEW PRODUCT

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100% Aluminium - 100% Recyclable - No More Plastic

Available during Q4 2020

Why aluminium?

Aluminium has an infinite life, enabling true circularity. It keeps its quality every time and really can be recycled forever! In fact, 75% of the aluminium ever produced is still in use today.

Why aluminium bottles?

In addition to being infinitely recyclable, our aluminium bottles are light-proof and air tight ensuring that the purity and high quality of Lofoten Artic Water is maintained. Aluminium is quick to chill and stays cold for longer, providing the premium experience that our customers expect and enjoy.

Why Ball?

We partnered with Ball due to their expertise and technical know-how. They are pioneers in packaging, continually innovating to make the most sustainable beverage packaging possible.

Ice cold facts

GTIN: 7090012890037

GTIN: 7090012890044

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Made By Nature, in Lofoten Norway, for the world to enjoy.