Lofoten Arctic Water wins again

Lofoten Arctic Water wins, second year in row, the prestigious Best Packaging / Design in the category: “The Best Packaging / Label Design” at the Zenith Global Bottled Water Awards 2018, Evian, France.

Lofoten Arctic Water AS (Ltd), is happy to announce for, the second time in row, its success at the Zenith Global Bottled Water Awards for winning in the "The Best Packaging / Label Design ” category. The Zenith Awards attracted over 90 entries from 20 countries and to name some of the highly respected brands attending; Evian, Perrier, Voss, PepsiCo and Coca-Cola.

Lofoten Arctic Water was also the finalist of “ Best Tasting STILL water” at the event.

Lofoten Arctic Water also won the Best Taste award in the same category at the Zenith Global Bottled Water Award in Barcelona 2017, and was also the winner of the GOLD price in “Best Tasting STILL water” at the FineWaters International Water Tasting Competition in Guangzhou (China) in 2017.

More than 100 different bottled waters were tasted by worlds leading water sommeliers at the China event. Lofoten Arctic Water was here selected as the winner in the super low mineral content.

"It is a great honor and pleasure to win this prestigious award for the second year in row.” says CEO of Lofoten Arctic Water , Peder A. Skeistrand. As a new player in the Premium Bottled Water market we could not wish for a better start. After 10 years of hard work we are now ready to enter the market and have already signed up with the first distributors overseas.

The Lofoten Arctic Water bottles are designed to reflect the rugged mountain peaks that rise from the water to the blue sky.

Receiving these accolades is testimony that Lofoten Arctic Water is "Pure, Arctic and Majestic – Made by Nature" and one of the Best tasting bottled waters in the world.”

About Lofoten Arctic Water AS (Ltd)

Lofoten Arctic Water AS (Ltd) is the brand owner and manufacturer of Lofoten Arctic Water, an exclusive bottled water from the Magical Lofoten islands in Northern Norway. The Lofoten islands are located between the 68th and 69th parallels, north of the Arctic Circle. Lofoten is famous for its natural beauty, fresh air, pure water, untouched nature, and breathtaking mountain landscapes contrasting with deep fjords, sheltered inlets and stretches of virgin seashore.

In Lofoten you can still drink pure, unpolluted freshwater directly from mountain lakes, just as those living here thousands of years ago once did – and this is what Lofoten Arctic Water is all about. It is here in the land of the northern lights and the midnight sun, that Lofoten Arctic Water is bottled.

For more information: www.lofoten-water.com

About Zenith Global

Zenith Global is a specialist food and drink consultancy, providing market insights, commercial and technical advice as well hosting a number of industry events every year. Zenith hosted this year’s Global Bottled Water Awards. The Awards attracted over 90 entries entries from 20 countries.

Press contact Zenith Global : Event Executive Alice Schofield Phone +44 (0)1225 327900 . Press contact Lofoten Arctic Water AS (Ltd): Mats Nevelius, Mats@lofoten-water.com